Lucrecia Waggoner

Artist Statement by Lucrecia Waggoner

Artist Statement

Lucrecia Trejo WAGGONER

As an individual I am constantly reaching for growth in every facet of my life. I believe personal growth harnesses artistic enrichment. This is the foundation of my artwork, and it is visually represented in the multi-layered pieces I create, which have at their core, a symbiotic relationship with nature and my journey in life.

My cornerstone of growth and expression is seen in my blossoming flowers and woven tulips. Although, my work is abstract and representational, I still aspire for those who will view the collections to feel an organic serenity. I consider myself a minimalist, but I also strive to show expression which is an extension of my passionate personality and rich cultural background.

Growing up in Mexico, I was always drawn to the excitement, eclectic and bazaar art world, but with maturity I have found a much more rewarding and unexpected depth in simplicity and meditation. My white porcelain medium is a conductor of this peaceful feeling, in which I feel emboldened by and wish to share with my audience and collectors.

Details of "Blue" - Lucrecia Waggoner
Two - Lucrecia Waggoner

Porcelain for me, is a symbolic choice of medium, but there is also intention behind my gilded and colored pieces. I believe, as with life itself, there is room for both playfulness and reflection, and at times, the results of blending these forces is surprisingly powerful. There are times to look within and be content with self-reflection, but there are also times of joy and extravagance, all of which make up a part of my authenticity, personally and as an artist.

My artistic vision is one of minimalism with refined, robust materials, combined at a meeting point between a rough tree branch and a sleek white vessel. Our world is so rich and full of excitement and I think it is important to be surrounded by artwork that allows us to truly enjoy the simple beauty we find in it.